2. Solicitation Policy

Solicitation Policy

MCo Corporation (“MCo”) has established the Solicitation Policy as follows in accordance with Article 9 (Establishment of Solicitation Policy, etc.) of the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments and complies with the Solicitation Policy.

We endeavor to conduct solicitation in accordance with the wishes and circumstances of customers, taking into full consideration their knowledge of financial instruments, investment experience, asset status, investment objectives, risk tolerance and other factors.

We endeavor to provide accurate information on financial instruments and pay due attention to the expression of such information so as not to cause misunderstanding by customers.

We endeavor to conduct solicitation in an appropriate time, place and manner.

We endeavor to take the opinions and requests of customers seriously and reflect them in solicitation.

We endeavor to respond promptly and appropriately to customer inquiries.

Officers and employees of MCo constantly endeavor to acquire and improve knowledge and skills in order to conduct appropriate solicitation.


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