3. MCo’s Solutions

MCo’s Solutions


Responding to the diverse
financing needs of companies

To meet the various financing and capital challenges that arise in managing businesses, we provide financing solutions that can be used even when it is difficult to procure funds from capital markets or from commercial financial institutions. We are responding to the following specific issues and needs, and are also actively working to accommodate other needs through creative ideas.

Capital injection and debt restructuring

Raising capital by preferred share issuance without impacting capital relationships / Reducing the burden of repaying debt principal and interest

Recommended for companies with the following needs:

  • Need to increase capital without diluting voting rights
  • Need to review the repayment schedule of bank loans

M&A Financing: LBO

Raise M&A funds using an LBO scheme

Recommended for companies with the following needs:

  • Need a solution and funding to execute M&A with a transaction value beyond its own size

New financing (M&A, capital expenditure etc.)

Diversification of financing for capital expenditures, etc.

Recommended for companies with the following needs:

  • Need to raise money for M&A
  • Need to raise money for capital expenditures

MBO (100% acquisition by management)

Diversification of acquisition financing in phases of business succession, independence from parent company, and going private

Recommended for companies with the following needs:

  • Looking for a solution for business succession
  • Considering delisting
  • Want to seek independence from the parent company or PE fund


MCo can accommodate a wide range of financing and capital needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Full line of financing solutions

Centered on mezzanine financing (subordinated loans and preferred shares), we offer a full lineup of financing solutions that meet the needs of our clients through private debt and, under certain conditions, common-share minority investments.

Senior loans

We can offer senior loans that are riskier than usual and are difficult for banks to handle. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Subordinated loans and preferred shares

We provide mezzanine financing without diluting voting shares for MBO (100% acquisition by management), strengthening capital, debt restructuring, corporate acquisitions, etc.

Common shares (minority)

Common-share minority investment is available to meet client needs. In principle, this is combined with mezzanine, but in some cases, only the common-share minority investment can be adopted. Please feel free to contact us for details.

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