Solicitation Policy

MCo Corporation has laid out the following “Solicitation Policy” based on Article 9 of the Law on the Sale of Financial Products (developing policies on solicitation) with the full intension of complying with such rules.
We will, to the best of our ability, solicit investments that meet the needs and current conditions of the customer, with sufficient consideration of the customers’ financial products knowledge, investment experience, asset conditions, investment purpose, risk tolerance and others.
We will strive to provide information of the financial products with accuracy, and pay due consideration and attention to our means of expression.
We will make every effort to solicit at the appropriate times and places.
We will take the customers’ feedbacks and requests to heart and utilize them during solicitation.
We will take due effort to respond quickly and appropriately to customer inquiries.
Our employees will continuously strive to learn and improve on the knowledge and skills required to conduct an appropriate solicitation.

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